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looking for assistance with finding the best church management software solutions for your church?  If so, you've come to the right place.


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Noah's Tools
Church Management Software

What do church management software and Noah have in common?  Let's see...

In the book of Genesis, the Bible tells us about Noah.  God gave Noah what seemed like a monumental task, to be save a remnant of mankind by building a huge ship.  Now, God certainly could have just caused a suitable ship to miraculously appear in Noah's back yard, but usually God doesn't work this way.  The Bible shows us that typically He works His miracles through His people - not necessarily for His people.

So here we have Noah, full of faith yet nevertheless faced with a very specific blueprint design calling for an enormous task.  Although the Bible does not elaborate on this, we can certainly assume that Noah, wanting to fulfill this God-given task in a way


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that would please and glorify God, proceeded with his construction of the ark using the most current tools-of-the-trade available to him in those days - such as hand saws, pegs, ropes, ramps, etc.

Software as a tool for today's churches

In the same way, churches, as they are called by God to build His Kingdom here on earth today, have the opportunity to take advantage of the tools-of-the-trade available to them - specifically in the area of church management software.

We at Church Management have created this site to provide a resource for churches that are searching for a church management software solution.

Just like Noah, today's churches in many ways have a monumental task at hand.  Utilizing effective management software for your church can dramatically improve your church's efficiency and ability to fulfill God's call.  We hope this site is helpful to you in finding the software solution that best meets your church's needs - today and for years to come.

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